Frequently Asked Questions

We sell products to licensed tattoo artists.  You must work in a tattoo shop or approved private studio to order our products.  Be sure to include your shop name and info when ordering.  If you do not your order may be delayed.

If you are not employed by a tattoo shop or an approved private studio and place an order from us, we will refund your order minus a $50 scratcher fee for wasting our time.


Q. How can I purchase a Dan Kubin machine?

A. Machines are typically put on the site on Sundays at 9am (U.S) Central time. They sell out fast, so check your world clock for Chicago time and set an alarm.


Q. How do I know if a machine is a real Dan Kubin machine?

A. Machines purchased directly from our website ( are authentic. We also use several distributors.  These include DK Europe, Workhorse Irons & their distributors.


Q. What can I expect when purchasing and shipping internationally?

A. Our site uses a third party to use the most up to date information to determine and pay your duties and taxes in your cart. This means your package should get through customs faster. Depending on the country you may still need to give UPS or customs your VAT/Tax number for your package to be released. However, you will not need to pay any more than you already paid in your cart. All our shipping documents are paperless with UPS, so they will already have your invoice on file.


Q. How do I get my Dan Kubin machine fixed?

A. To get your machine fixed please go to our repair request form page. There you can find all the information on repairs and fill out the request form. Once the form is filled out you will receive more information. We also have a repair tech in Europe and 2 repair technicians in the US that have been fully trained by Dan.  Their contact information is on our repair form page.


Q. How should I clean my Dan Kubin machine?

A. It is best to use diluted ammonia or a light rubbing alcohol, but please keep it away from the bearings and all electrical components. Never spray the machine down with sterilant! It is best to treat your machine with respect, and not get it dirty. If ink starts sucking up the tube, you either have a bad solder on the needle or not a proper bend. Fix the issue before it gets all over the bearing.


Q. General Troubleshooting

A. For general troubleshooting information please see the care sheets and videos for the specific machine. These are located under the help menu.