Ghost Dog Revival

Part of the DK/WHI Co-Op project. -The machines sold on my website have been personally inspected, initialed, and dated by yours truly, Dan Kubin.

Dan Kubin X Adam Ciferri Ghost Dog Revival V2!

Updated and improved version of the DK x AC Ghost Dog Revival. V2 features an upgraded slide vise guaranteed to easily work with any and all tubes, an opened up geometry for better function, performance, and power. Everything else is the same, just dialed in a little more to make it a little better :)

"Since working with Workhorse Irons, I have been given the opportunity to remaster my Revival machine, but being able to merge it into the platform of Adam Ciferri’s Ghostdog.

There have been many things I’ve learned from the original Revival, along with many more years experience with the compression spring/bearing pivot.
Combine that with a superior magnetic circuit that Adam and Workhorse have dialed in, and you get something quite magical.
We are very pleased with the performance, versatility, and ergonomics of this machine.
It’s functional voltage range starts at around 4.5 volts, and keeps going up without chatter or excessive heat.
With the engineering that went into the spring setup, the user does not have to settle for squishy nipples to prevent their springs from breaking.
This machine comes stock as a strong, medium speed liner (or fast shader) at around 105-110 cps loaded. (About 125-130 cps unloaded)
Because of the large voltage range, it is capable of all size needle groupings. (*the contact screw can be backed out to run in the 90 cps range as well)
For a slappier, punchier hit, the backer spring under the contact spring can be removed.
I have put much attention into the weight distribution, to put the weight forward and low, providing superior stability, and preventing wrist fatigue.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Ghostdog Revival!"

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