Sidewinder 46er

The 46er is a culmination of my versions 4-6 Sidewinders, remastered and enhanced to perfection.
This machine features a very large stroke adjustment range that can suite single needle work, all the way up to the largest liners and mag shaders.
For the batch 2, I opened up the geometry to give it a feel closer to the V4 rather than the V5 or V6.  It has a longer working stroke to have the same punch.  This allows for more effortless lining without being abusive.
This machine is very strong off the tip with a great follow-through.  Its number one purpose is as a strong, precise, off the tip liner; though It has proven to be much more capable.  I also love this machine for most shading and color packing techniques.
*Not intended for cartridges.
Features include:
  • Wider springs for more durability.
  • Large, easy to turn, hardened steel stroke wheel. -Has pre-set stroke range and middle timing mark to prevent the machine from getting too far out of tune when experimenting.
  • Hardened alloy steel impact pin.  -positioned towards the rear of the frame to help with noise
  • Large cam with precise timing mark. -allows for easier, and more precise impact alignment checks
  • Smooth, easy clamping tube vice.
  • Forward weight distribution for better ergonomics.
  • Beautiful Steel armature bar, perfectly balanced for a strong, confident, and  consistent hit.
  • Reliable authentic Mabuchi motor - because they run forever without losing consistency.