The DK Workhorse Irons Co-op Project

In 2019, Dan decided to partner with Workhorse Irons to provide the tattoo community with a more affordable and available machine option of his tried and true designs.

The demand had grown so much and this has proven to be the best solution for making an attainable option to get a DK engineered machine.

Why Workhorse?  Workhorse Irons is a company structured around helping the TATTOO ARTIST/MACHINE BUILDER do what they do best, however the builder sees fit.

The Sidewinders are manufactured in KCMO USA under Dan's trusted machine shop.  Workhorse is responsible for the assembly, distribution, and customer service of the licenced machines.

Sidewinder V3/23


Ghost Dog Revival

Dan Kubin x Adam Ciferri

Mojobox Machine