Sidewinder V3/23

Part of the DK/WHI Co-Op project. -The machines sold on my website have been personally inspected, initialed, and dated by yours truly, Dan Kubin.

"The V3/23 follows the same concept as the past V3r, but with a focus on what makes a Sidewinder a Sidewinder.  Hard hitting, effortless, and zippy.  -Intended for experienced artists who don’t want to mess around.

The 23 model is more reminiscent of the original V3r from 2019, but with some enhancements in the tuning longevity. 

We stripped it down a little more, and added in the extra performance.
The stroke wheel has been simplified with having 3 timing marks instead of numbers. The marks are of different lengths, with the longest mark signifying the longer stroke range, a middle mark that is the default setting, and a short mark to signify the shorter stroke range.

The sound of the machine has been enhanced in comparison to the 2nd and 3rd variation V3r. Plus the machine now sits a little lower, providing more ergonomics."

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