Sidewinder 46er 2 Tone Lavender & Brass

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The 46er is a culmination of my versions 4-6 Sidewinders, remastered and enhanced to perfection.
This machine features a very large stroke adjustment range that can suite single needle work, all the way up to the largest liners and mag shaders.
This machine is very strong off the tip with a great follow-through.  It's number one purpose is as a strong, precise, off the tip liner; though It has proven to be much more capable.
Features include:
Wider springs for more durability.
Large, easy to turn, hardened steel stroke wheel. -Has pre-set stroke range and middle timing mark to prevent the machine from getting too far out of tune when experimenting.
Hardened alloy steel impact pin.  -positioned towards the rear of the frame to help with noise
Large cam with precise timing mark. -allows for easier, and more precise impact alignment checks
Smooth, easy clamping tube vice.
Forward weight distribution for better ergonomics.
Beautiful armature bar, perfectly balanced for a strong, confident, and  consistent hit.  
O-ring groove in the bar allows for a more silent option (though will reduce performance as well)
Reliable Mabuchi motor. -because they run forever without losing consistency. 
Standard (brass frame construction): 6oz
Featherweight  (7075 aluminum frame): 4.4 oz
Recommended voltage range: 4 - 6.5 volts
Approximate stroke range: 2 - 4mm  (keep in mind the stoke goes up more due to the springs.  The stroke of a Sidewinder cannot be compared to other rotaries as the hit is completely different)
Polarity: Positive up - spins motor clockwise - slaps harder, ideal for large grouping liners
Positive down - spins motor counterclockwise -slightly passive hit, ideal for shading and fine line